Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Alan's First Birthday" or "French, French, Chocolate"

This week the menu was basically "boyfriend's choice" and I'll confess here on Thursday afternoon, I'm a little worse for the sugar carb wear. Sunday was the Oscars which is apparently a HUGE deal around here, and there was much consumption of sour patch kids, M&M's and popcorn. Then on Tuesday when my dashing boyfriend turned 23, we ate (unremarkable/ not as good as Panera's) French Onion Soup,  (delicious) home made french bread, and (absolutely amazingly good) Chocolate cream pie that we busted out at midnight Tuesday morning and ravenously consumed long before the sun came up. Here's what it looked like.

For some reason I couldn't find any of the candles I bought, and all we could scrounge up was this perplexing "1" candle that I can't explain being in my cabinet.

 And now dear readers I'm off to coffee, Kashi and Kale until my head feels less strange being attached to my body. Wish me luck.

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