Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fab Four

New this week, er or rather last week, four new Ben and Jerry's flavors;

Late Night Snack, Bonnaroo Buzz, Clutsterfluff, and Red Velvet Cake

Crazy ice cream obsessed woman that I am, I snatched up all four flavors the second they hit the shelves. And made a spectacle of myself as I sauntered up to the register with four pints of ice cream stacked on top of each other in a tall tower supported by two hands and my chin. Sadly though because of my temporary experiment with the world of gluten free(dom) half-assed though it may be, I've only sampled one of the flavors so far; Late Night Snack.

Late Night Snack's flavor description is as follows;
 "Vanilla bean ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and fudge covered potato chip clusters"

That face you're making right now? Yeah. I made it too. Green Eggs and Ham, right? There's something about the idea of crunchy savory smothered in creamy sweet that doesn't sound like it would make for a good time, but just wait. Try it, before you make assumptions. Though it does sound like a flavor combination a sleep starved person might put together in the desperate hunger of boredom, there's a stroke of genius in it. Sweet and savory are indeed a timeless combination. Think to a time when you enjoyed french fries and a milk shake, or a slice of pizza and a glass of coke and you'll find yourself right in the center of what makes this flavor so bewitching. In the first bites, you might not know what to think. It seems sort of gross, but is it really? Something's familiar about it too.Crunchy little potato chip bits, caramel, chocolate, all good things separately, but together? Together...? With each successive spoonful that crosses your tongue as you ponder,  you may find yourself actually enjoying it. Your head so confused, you've forgotten to hate it. And suddenly, suddenly you may find the container of ice cream is now half empty. What?!

Late Night Snack is definitely a strange bird. It may not be for everyone, and plenty I'm sure will hate it, but maybe if you give it a chance, you might find that just like me " I do! I like it Sam-I-am!"

Stay tuned for the reviews of Bonnaroo Buzz, Clusterfluff, and Red Velvet Cake.

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